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Miracles Often Look Like Obstacles

Let’s SOAP and Grow Together Today with John 5.


‘“I can’t, sir,” the sick man said, “for I have no one to put me into the pool when the water bubbles up. Someone else always gets there ahead of me.”’ John 5:7



Before Jesus has a great discourse on the Kingdom of God, there is a story about a guy who ‘dodged a bullet.’ He had been waiting on a miracle for a really long time. Then, one day, Jesus comes into His presence and asks if he wants to be healed. Instead of simply saying, “Yeah, sure. I’m good with that,” he starts complaining about His current situation. He couldn’t see the opportunity because He was only focused on His problem. Luckily, Jesus had mercy on Him and the man was healed anyway. However, I wonder if he was talking to some friends later saying, “Wow, I almost missed it.” This is the price we often pay because, instead of looking at the possibilities in front of us, we only focus on the problems. We do not want to deny our situations and act like we do not have problems. However, we need to look equally as hard as possible miracles all around us as well. This guy was so focused on getting into that water that he may have even looked at Jesus as an obstacle. He may have been thinking, “Listen, I’ll answer your question but could you move after that? I have to keep watching this water for a miracle.”

The next miracle in your life could look like a current obstacle. Be sure not to dismiss it too quickly.


Today, I will not look at everything as a mountain in my way but maybe as an adventure to take. Around the next corner could be the greatest experience, miracle, or moment of my life. I will not waste my opportunity to seize a miracle and to be a miracle to everyone I meet.


God, open my eyes to see the miracles all around me.

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