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Music to This Pastor’s Ears…

During this renovation/expansion process at RLC there have been so many things to be thankful for. It seems like everyday a new and different hurdle arises and God has given us the grace to overcome every one of them. In the middle of all this there has been one thing which has especially been a blessing. More and more I’ve been hearing people use the phrase “MY CHURCH”.

You know, you don’t really hear that very often these days. People will say my team, my job, my family, my spouse, or my kids. However, you seldom hear people say “my church” unless they are referring to a church they use to attend and say “my old church”.

When we first launched RLC over two years ago, most people would say “Your church” as if they were just guests even if they had attended for months.  That’s fine but as a pastor I long for people to not just be attenders but VISION CARRIERS in what God has called RLC to do. It’s been such a blessing to hear more and more people ascribe RLC as not simply a church they attend but THEIR CHURCH. A place where they have decided to invest their lives and see the Kingdom of God grow. That is a huge blessing.

Just wanted to share my thankfulness today. Thank you everyone. It’s an honor to be your pastor.


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