New Day

This was posted on the RLC website earlier today!

On January 13th Real Life Church will holding their worship experience in a new location and at a new time!

It’s a new day!

Real Life Church launched on February 5, 2012 in the Great Escapes 12 Movie Theater.  Since then, RLC has been featured by both local and national news outlets as a church to watch.  Not afraid to be innovative and different RLC has brought new ideas to the Bowling Green area such as Flashlight Easter Egg Hunts and Church At The Movies Series. Their “dare to be real” atmosphere has been a breath of fresh air and contagious culture.  This new opportunity is sure to be something which will benefit not only RLC attenders but the Bowling Green area as well.  Join us for the celebration January 13th as Real Life Church takes the next step toward being a driving force of Hope for our city and nation.

Now here is the rest of the story.
We have loved, loved, loved meeting at the movie theater for several reasons. My favorite is it forced us to look at the church as a group of people and not a building.  It’s so easy to see church as a building and not as the true BODY of Christ. Meeting in a portable location forced us to see things more clearly.
However, being portable has had its challenges. We’ve desired to have a place of our own from the beginning. Not so we could become inward focused but so we could offer more avenues to connect with people. Our new location provides us the ability to do that.
I felt as long as we were able to be fully effective at the theater we would remain there. However, the moment we could be more effective at a more permanent location the door would open. Now it has.
The RLC teams are so excited to get to work on something we truly feel is a divine blessing from God and we can call our own.
We would love for you to join with us in making the most of this amazing opportunity.

1. Pray for God’s favor for RLC and for me as pastor to make the right decisions and operate in His wisdom.
2. Partner with us financially. Click here to give to this ministry.
3. Invite, Invite, Invite. The whole purpose of moving is to reach more people. The number one way to help make this happen is for you to invite everyone you know.
4. Use your gifts and talents to make a difference in others. We want to partner with you. Come do life with us and let’s see what we can accomplish with God’s help together.

See you January 13th!


QUICK Q and A:

Is this the same church as Promise Church who use to meet at that location?
No. Real Life Church has been holding Sunday Morning Worship Experiences since February 5, 2012. Before that we had been holding launch team meetings since June, 2012.

When is the first worship experience at the new location?
January 13th

What time?

Can I expect the worship experience to be different?
No. While we will be in a new environment, the style and culture will be the same.

Will you still have children’s ministry?

I have additional questions or would like more info. What do I do?
Email our connections team here

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