New Series: Perspective

PERSPECTIVE: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Not long ago I was waiting to walk across the street at a crosswalk. Suddenly a guy walks right past me and into the street. Without thinking I grab and push him back onto the sidewalk just in time before he was hit by an oncoming car.
He had been looking at his phone and didn’t realize what was happening or notice the car. All he knew was some guy just threw him down on the sidewalk. This guy jumps up and begins yelling at me to take it easy. Before I could speak, a lady who had been watching everything spoke up and said, “That guy just saved your life. You were about to be hit by a car.” This guy froze and you could see him begin to understand what really happened.  He quickly turned from angry to embarrassed and thankful because he began to look at the event from a different perspective.

How many things in our lives would we see differently if we only had a different perspective.

  • The loss of a job.
  • The loss of a relationship.
  • The addition of financial trouble.
  • The added stress of the holidays.
  • Those 25 extra pounds we said we’d never gain back.

Here are a few key thoughts we’re going to begin discussing beginning this Sunday at Real Life Church:

Perception is the key to so many issues in our lives.
There’s so much more going on than we usually see. It takes a different perception to understand a lot of it.

Bad perception is the key to most conflict in our lives.
Most conflict comes from misunderstands or the inability to objectively look at a situation from other points of view. We’re going to discover how Jesus as a master communicator constantly used various parables and stories to relate the same spiritual truth from different perspectives.

Correct perception can be the key to your success. 
Concerning my intimidation of others, lady once told me, “If they kill you they can’t eat you.” What she meant was, “What’s the worst that can happen if you at least try?”  Having the right mindset when you are going through a tough situation is critical.

Understand the WHY behind the WHAT.
Sometimes it’s better to not take things at face value. Understanding why something is the way it is can help you appreciate why you are doing it.

I’m looking forward to sharing this and so much more with you beginning this Sunday at RLC.

There’s going to be a lot of TWEETABLE moments for us to share.


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