Marathon Training: Week One

Week One is COMPLETE!!! Yeah!!! Musings- This week was the first official week of my very first marathon training. Last week I did a lighter version of this week but don’t count it as official training. This week was great because everything was very manageable.  Even the long run is less than what I’m use…


My First Marathon Training—> The Beginning

Three years ago right after finishing my first half-marathon the plan was to immediately jump into marathon training. Well time passed, things changed, and no marathon. This year, I decided to make it finally happen. However before jumping right into a marathon I decided to get healthier and train for another half-marathon first. Three weeks…


High School Art Master Project

Discovering Those Who Made Art Great Expectations: 1. 2 or 3 people per group. 2. Pick a Famous Composer or Artist- Time Period- 1300s to now Musical Composer from any genre Artist with any medium (sculpture, painter, etc.) 3. Research their life- Early Life (Birth, Family, Education, etc) Career (Where, When, Accomplishments, Failures, Big Breaks,…