Should There Be a Massive Exodus from Social Media?

Anytime someone tells me they cannot live without something that is not a staple of life, I cannot help but get suspicious. If someone says they cannot live without food or water, we would all agree. When someone says they cannot live without social media, my mind starts thinking social media has now been placed on the same level as food or water.

Recently, someone made this comment and I started thinking more critically about such things. These thoughts led me down the rabbit hole of YouTube and I came out with various videos for your consideration.

Should you quit social media? Depends. It depends on if you are willing to take the hard step of re-engaging with real people. If not, probably not. Because you do not need to be even more isolated than you already are. However, if you are willing to enter the scary world of “the real,” maybe we should.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy the videos.

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