Staying In My Lane

Let’s SOAP and Grow Together Today with John 3.


‘He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.’ John 3:30


Think about John the Baptist. What kind of man would go out to a desert and start preaching so strong that people began coming out to the middle of nowhere to hear him? What kind of man would look at kings and say they were wrong and needed to repent before God? It would take a man with an all-consuming passion for God. It would take a man who feared no one and and the kind of man who would charge hell with a water pistol. He was probably the kind of guy who commanded the attention of a room just by walking in. Jesus said that among the prophets there was none greater than John the Baptist. However, at the height of his ministry, people began leaving and going to hear Jesus. To many, this could cause a bruised pride. At this point in Jesus’ ministry, only John the Baptist really knew who He was. It was still early. When one of John’s followers came to complain, he reminded this follower why John was there in the first place. He was there to do what he was called to do and nothing more. John did not try to step outside his lane. When that lane called him to move forward, he did. When he needed to step back and give the attention to someone else, he did. He did not despise his role. He simply did what he was called to do. Doing this laid the ground work for Jesus to come and bring salvation to world. That is an amazing legacy. Sometimes the greatest thing we can do is to be a stepping stone for someone else to rise higher. Sure, it is not always glamours and no one will be lining up to play you in the movie. However, when we all play our part, great things can be accomplished for the kingdom of God.


God has given us all a ministry gifting. Another way to say that is God has given us all a way to make a difference in the lives of those around us. The worst thing we could do is start comparing our giftings and callings with someone else. We simply need to do what we are called to do. We are an integral part of the kingdom of God whether or not we ever see our name on billboards. Today, we will rest in the confidence that God is working in our lives and, like John, we can say, “Less of me and more of Him.”


Today, help me Jesus to love the work you are doing in me instead of envying the giftings of others.

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