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Fasting 101

RLC has begun our annually 21 days of prayer and fasting today. What are you planning to fast? Find out everything you want to know and more about what fasting is, what it is not, and how you can be successful.
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A Letter to RLC

A Letter to RLC>>>

Hello RLC!!!
Fall is upon us and welcome back to all the college students.
We’re praying for all returning students to have a safe, fruitful, and Christ-filled year.

While it’s not officially Fall until September 22nd, as far as most people are concerned….. it’s Fall.
This  is going to be an awesome season for RLC and whirlwind of activity. I can’t wait to get everything going.

Here are a few things coming up soon:

1. NEW WORSHIP EXPERIENCE TIMES. Beginning this Sunday we will be returning to our normal worship experience schedule. There will be two worship experience opportunities beginning at 9:30am and 11:00am. Don’t forget to arrive early to get your seat. We will be in the process soon of acquiring more seating but until then it’s a ‘first come first serve’ situation. Look forward to seeing you this weekend at 9:30am or 11:00am.


2. FIRST WEDNESDAY. Beginning in September, RLC will be hosting a worship experience on the first Wednesday of the month beginning at 7:00pm. This monthly service will be marked by an explosive worship experience that fuses the power of music, prayer, and communion. Don’t miss this time to refocus your life and find a fresh incentive to live a life of worship every day.


3. LIFEGROUP EXPO. <— This is coming your way this coming Sunday immediately following both worship experiences.  There’s something for everyone. The LifeGroup Fall semester will begin September 8th but now is the time to sign up due to space being limited for many groups. Click here for a first glance at some of our group listings.


4. NEW SERIES: TWO-GATHER. This coming weekend begins a short two week series entitled, “TWO-GATHER”. God took one look at Adam and immediately noticed it wasn’t good for us to be alone. He then created Eve. From then on we have always been better together. Marriages, friendships, business partners, family… you name it. We are better when we do life together. There are some things we can only realize when we are part of a team. Let’s take the next two weeks and begin the process of surrounding ourselves with people who will speak into our lives and help us navigate this journey called “life”.


This is a great time to be a part of Real Life Church. We’re moving forward together and watching God change so many people’s lives. Thank you for carrying this vision with us. You’re awesome. I look forward to seeing you this weekend at RLC!

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A Letter to RLC, All

A Letter to RLC>>> It’s A New Day

Hello RLC!!!

What an amazing weekend we had!
It was awesome! Hope everyone is having a great New Year’s week. Here are 4 quick things I wanted to share with you this week.

#1- Big shout out to Jamey O’Connor. Great job sharing the Word of God with us. Loved his points. Very quotable, memorable and applicable.

#2- Since being a Christian there have been times in my life when I’ve made sincere steps forward in my walk with God. It’s always come during times of fasting.
Let’s be clear. Fasting doesn’t change God. It changes us. It quiets our noisy lives so we can hear Him more clearly. If you haven’t already you should start thinking about taking part in the Fasting Challenge starting January 6th. There’s more info on the Real Life Church website.

#3- You are vital in helping us get the word out about the BIG NEWS! Tell everyone you know about RLC’s opportunity to take the next step toward the Vision God has given this great move of God.

#4- THE BIG NEWS. It’s a New Day for RLC! We will be relocating quickly. The first day at our new location is on January 13, 2013 is the big day!

Keep reading my blog and watching the website for updated info as it becomes available.

Greater things are on the way!!! It’s so awesome to be a part of Real Life Church!

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