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That’s The Way I Heard It (Podcast Review)

“That’s the Way I Heard It”

I must confess to being a fan of Mike Rowe for a long time. I couldn’t miss an episode of Dirty Jobs. Mike’s love for what he called the ‘ordinary man’ was infectious. He said in a recent interview the purpose of doing the show Dirty Jobs was to highlight the people who hold our society together. Even though the entertainers (sportsman, actors, singers, etc) get all the publicity, it’s the hardworking men and women who really need to be the superstars.

It’s a great concept. After the show ended, I lost touch with what Mike Rowe was doing until recently stumbling upon his new podcast entitled, “That’s The Way I Heard It.” This podcast highlights stories that many of us have never heard and brings fresh perspective to old ideas.

He has been on a blistering pace of releasing one new podcast a week which most podcasts do not do these days. They only last about 5 minutes each so you can easily hear the story on a quick trip from point A to point B.  The stories also tend to be the kind I want to repeat because they are so fascinating.

Give it a shot. You’ll enjoy listening or at least that’s the way I heart it.

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