The Beauty of Intolerance

Book Title: The Beauty of Intolerance
Author: Josh and Sean McDowell
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“Endorsing immoral behavior is not equivalent to loving a person, nor is correcting that behavior equivalent to rejecting a person.”

― Josh McDowell

“God’s laws tell us right from wrong and how we are to treat others. As the founding fathers established a new democracy in America, they did so on the premise that humanity was fallen and thus there was a need for a rule of law to curb our natural tendencies to follow our own wants and lusts even to the detriment of others.”

― Josh McDowell


It is very common now for Christians to feel unprepared to debate or even rationalize their Christian world view because they have never been taught how to articulate it until they feel under attack. Josh and Sean McDowell take on this topic as they carefully weave through various hot button topics on their way to showing you how to lovingly not back down from God’s Word as the highest truth we can aspire to.

Definitely a book full of useful tools to add to your spiritual tool belt.

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