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The Purpose of Inconvenience

Let’s SOAP and Grow Together Today with Judges Chapter 2.


‘I will no longer drive out the nations that Joshua left unconquered when he died. I did this to test Israel—to see whether or not they would follow the ways of the Lord as their ancestors did.” That is why the Lord left those nations in place. He did not quickly drive them out or allow Joshua to conquer them all.’ Judges 2:21-23 https://www.bible.com/bible/116/JDG.2.21-23


What if everything in your life is more spiritually connected than you could ever realize? By that, do I mean that every bad day, rude person, wrong order, or lost set of keys is a demon trying to bring you down? No. I mean, what if you are not a victim waiting on the next bad thing to happen without any chance of turning it to good. What if some of the things in your life were not placed there by God but can be used by God to bring about something good? For instance, some of the enemies of Israel were left in the land in order to test the people. Think about it. They had proven their hearts were easily manipulated and turned from God in the wilderness. Now, after conquest, they still needed to be reminded from time to time that all their hope comes from God. I wonder if we would ever experience trouble if we could more fully turn to God without the need to. However, many of tend to think we are pretty awesome when things go well instead of giving glory to God. Therefore, to keep us coming back to Him, sometimes God will allow a test to come along just to see if we still love Him and remember that all our victory is from Him.

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Today, I will see every distraction, inconvenience, or misunderstanding as a chance for God to work on my character and remind me to turn to Him. He is for me and not against me.


Thank you Jesus for loving me enough to keep working on me day after day.

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