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Three Things to Learn From Mariah Carey

Did you see poor Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve night? She was all dressed up and had the attention of the nation as we were about to ring in a New Year. Everything was ready until… Disaster. As a fellow musician, I cannot overstate how important it is to hear the music and hear yourself. I felt so bad for her. There’s a few things we can learn her unfortunate moment, though. Here are three things we can learn from Mariah:

1. Don’t be too good to do the small stuff. It remains to be scene whether or not this is true but early reports say she refused to do a sound check before going onstage. If that’s true, she should have expected exactly what happened. One thing all musicians learn early on is ALWAYS DO THE SOUND CHECK. This teaches us that success is not earned on stage. Success is earned in the preparation. Never forget, you are only as good as your preparation. “Sweat the small stuff.”

2. Make the most of a bad situation. One thing I did like was Mariah tried to make the most out of the situation. She could have ran off stage or started yelling at everyone (She sort of did this one). Instead she still tried to do some of her routine and even encouraged the crowd to sing. True, she could have been a little more understanding to the poor audio people who had just signed their pink slips. However, it is what it is. When bad things happen to us we always have a choice. Are we going to be defined by it or are we going to rise above it? The choice is yours.

3. Learn and move on. It happened to Steve Harvey earlier in the year and now it has happened to Mariah Carey. The spotlight is on you and… you choke. The best thing that could happen now is for her to move on and never hear anything else about it. That’s also true for us. Learning from the past is important but that’s all the past is good for. Don’t be too obsessed with the “good ole days”. Make your “good ole days” today.

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