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Top 10 Posts I Read The Week Of December 30th

Let me begin by wishing everyone a very, Happy New Year.  I hope you have a great weekend before getting back to the “real world” next week.  The following is this week’s Top blog reading list.

This entire week has been full of finishing up Christmas and beginning the slow, painful task of moving. I still had time to read a little and have a great list for you this week.

So once again, Happy Holidays!  The following are The Top 10 Posts I Read The Week Of December 30th: (These are in no particular order)


1. Five Reasons Why Theodore Roosevelt is Inspiring

2. J.K. Rowling tweeted this heartwarming Christmas message to her fans

3. Where There’s a Huddle There’s a Team

5. 3 Unexpected Ways Reading Personal Development Books Changed My Life

6. The 10 Unmistakable Habits of Irresistible People

7. 10 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

8. What Is a Leader’s Most Important Job?

9. 7 Steps to Achieving Any Goal in Life

10. 10 Things The Most Successful People Do Every Day

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