Top Five Apps for 2014

I admit being an app junkie. I don’t really get into games but I love apps. It’s amazing that there are apps for just about everything. With technology moving at such a fast pace there’s no telling what’s just over the horizon.

For this year, here are my most used apps…


I think you have one of those days when you loose all your files before you can truly grasp the awesomeness of Evernote. Evernote is cloud based that help me keep things out of my mind and written/filed somewhere.

As it says on it’s website:
“As one workspace that lives across your phone, tablet, and computer, Evernote is the place you write free from distraction, collect information, find what you need, and present your ideas to the world. Whatever you’re working toward, Evernote’s job is to make sure you get there.”

I almost always have a note open on my phone so that during the week, while thinking about the upcoming Sunday Talk, I can write down any ideas that come to me. It makes putting everything together at the end of the week much easier. I can also share meeting notes and ideas with other people for collaboration. Just fits into so many areas of my life.

2. 2DO

I am a productivity app junkie. I spend a lot of time and money  constantly looking for that perfect app that’s going to keep my life scheduled and organized like never before. Sadly, that app probably doesn’t exist. However, 2Do is a close second. It fits all my needs as far as task management is concerned. The main thing for me is its sub-task capability. The more they update, they more I like it. Now if they could only do the tasks for me…


Journal freak… right here. I love some journaling. This app is where it’s at. Completely cross platform compatible. No matter where you find yourself when your journal time comes around, it’s ready. Syncs perfectly and you can even take pictures. The only thing it lacks is the ability to do video entries. It’s coming though… ahem… are you listening app developers?


Hands Down! Best App ever. It can be a little glitchy sometimes but it’s worth it. Tons of translations. Tons of features. Tons of reading Plans. Audio Versions. It has everything. We even like to use it on Sunday’s at church for LIVE message notes. Great stuff. Highly recommend.


As you can tell from earlier posts, this guy is a book worm. Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader. You use today what you learned yesterday. All that being said, the pace of my life doesn’t give me the opportunity to sit in a coffee shop and read all day. Audible has helped a lot. It’s an audiobook site with very reasonable price plans. Now I can listen to my next book on the way to the office or while running down the road. It will even play books that are in iTunes so you can play books not bought through their company. Sweet.

6. NEWS360 / NEWSY

I’m not the guy who gets up early in the morning just to catch the local news. I usually catch it while waiting for my email to load or in line waiting for my coffee. Therefore, I need apps that can let me quickly scan headlines. I want to quickly get past what celebrity just had a baby and go right to what’s going on with ISIS. Both these apps get it done.

Well these are six of my most used apps but not all of them.

What are your most used apps?

Maybe you have discovered something I need to be using.

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