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Top Posts I Read The Week Of January 13th

The following are The Top Posts I Read The Week Of January 13th:

  1. 5 Best Apps for Boosting Your Morning Productivity
  2. 7 Marketing Tips for Personal Success (even if you’re an introvert!)
  3. How to Increase Your Productivity by 21% with Exercise
  4. Remember These 3 Things When Your Motivation Starts to Fade
  5. How To Be Calm Under Pressure: 3 Secrets From A Bomb Disposal Expert
  6. 7 Things You Forgot About Life
  7. 6 Reasons Having a Blog is a Must
  8. 5 Powerful Ways to Work Through Fear
  9. The Power of Contentment: How Being Content Can Help You Live a Full Life
  10. 4 Ways to Keep Your Attitude Up When Life Brings You Down

Well, that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great posts did you read?

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