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The Top Posts I Read The Week Of January 27th

The following are The Top 10 Posts I Read The Week Of January 21st:

  1. How to Have a Better, Bolder 2017: Embrace the Process
  2. 80 Percent of Kids Want Their Parents to Read to Them and, Relatedly, We’re Kinda Famous
  3. 6 Practical Ways to Honor Your Parents
  4. 8 Reasons I Have Internet Accountability and Restrictions on My Phone
  5. 5 Steps Toward Regaining Momentum
  6. 5 Ways Leaders Grasp Momentum
  7. 5 Interesting Things About Japan’s First Self-Made Female Billionaire
  8. 7 Ways To Live Out The Gospel In A Post-Truth, Post-Fact Culture
  9. Five ‘Leadership Tools’ That Are Really Crutches For Lousy Managers

Well, that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great posts did you read?

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