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Top Posts I Read The Week Of May 12th

So, over the past couple of weeks my heart has been struck by the need to study more on prayer. As Christians and leaders, we tend to be willing to do almost anything for God except pray. I cannot tell you the last time I talked to someone and they were overflowing with great things to say about their daily prayer time. After many conversations I do not think this is because we do not love God. We simply do not know how to pray or what prayer actually does. Therefore, this week’s top read posts is going to be all about some great prayer blog’s I have read this week.

The following are The Top Posts I Read The Week Of April 20th:

1. 50 Great Prayer Blogs
2. Three Keys to a Better Prayer Life
3. 6 Tips for a Better Prayer Life
4. The All-Time 10 Best Tips on Prayer for Beginners That I Have Ever Heard
5. What’s the Secret to a Great Prayer Life?
6. 8 Ways to Pray
7. How to Pray Better in Public and in Private, Too (Tim Keller)
8. A Better Way to Pray
9. 12 Secrets to praying more effectively
10. wikiHow to Pray Effectively (Christianity)
11. How to Pray Effectively (Rick Warren)
12. Tim Keller’s 5 Steps for Effective Prayer
13. How to Develop a Dynamic Prayer Life
14. 10 Tips to Help Your Prayer Life

Here’s the question for the day. What is one tip you would give someone to help their prayer life take a step forward?

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