Watch Out!


“Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak!”

‭Matthew‬ ‭26:41‬ ‭NLT‬‬


I would be embarrassed to admit how many times I have had someone yell, “Watch out!,” only for me to then be hit by whatever the warning was about. A warning is only as good as it is heeded. Jesus is telling His disciples to stay alert and keep their focus on God by prayer so that they do not give into temptation. I will admit that I use to always think temptation was something that involved sin. However, there are a lot of things we are tempted to do such as be afraid, act rashly, get overly excited, and so on. Think about the setting in which Jesus has said this. Jesus has just led the disciples from what we now know of as the “Last Supper.” He has told them great things about the coming Kingdom of Heaven. The disciples are possibly being tempted but probably not to sin. They are being tempted with possible thoughts of contentment (Everything is going to fine… no need to stay vigilant.), excitement (The kingdom of God is coming tonight.), or anxiety (When will this happen and what will God expect of me?). What Jesus knows is that, instead of excitement, there’s about to be chaos. Soldiers are on their way and Jesus is about to be arrested. He knows that their spirit (Understanding) will be willing to accept what’s going on but their body (emotions) will be weak. So Jesus is warning them like someone warning a friend about an oncoming car racing toward them in the wrong lane. He’s saying, “Look out! Something bad is coming. You’re going to want to stand strong but there will be other, weaker things in you that will pull away. You have to be on guard and keep your eyes on Me. Watch out. Pray.” Is Jesus saying that to you today? Is He yelling at you that the oncoming car of fear, worry, anxiety, bad news, media hype, etc… is coming at you and the impact could be devastating? Maybe He’s saying, “Watch out! Stay on guard! Keep your eyes open and your thoughts on me.” What will your response be? Maybe it’s time to get closer to Him than ever before.


  • I will keep my eyes open around me to see what’s from God and what’s not.
  • I will keep my heart open to the Lord.
  • I will not give in to negative emotions but remember God’s precious promises.


“God, I know that today has the potential to bring great blessings and also difficult moments. They all have one thing in common. I don’t have to go through them alone. You are with me. I will keep you close by keeping my eyes open and my heart open to You. Lead me.”

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