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What I Draw From>>>

Last night was our monthly FIRST WEDNESDAY worship experience.
We had an amazing time. I loved watching everyone worship Jesus as we sang, received communion, and prayed together.

During the message, I mentioned the importance of developing the GRACE GIFT God has given all of us. It’s that divine enablement we all have which gives us the ability to minister to others.

I talked about the ‘personal growth wells” I draw from all the time in order to grow myself. Many wanted to hear them again after church so here it is for everyone:

1. I have a personal commitment to read 40 books a year.

By the way, I’m hoping to finish book number 12 before the end of the week.

2. I have a personal commitment to listen to 15 sermons a week to feed my soul.

Here are most of the pastors/speakers who are currently in the rotation>>>
Chris Hodges
Steven Furtick
Perry Noble
Joel Osteen
Craig Groeschel
Andy Stanely
Joyce Meyer
Rick Warren
Craig Wendel
David Pursiful
Robert Morris
Gregg Surratt
John Piper
T.D. Jakes
John Maxwell
Max Lucado
John Siebeling

3. I have a personal commitment to listen to 10 Leadership/Personal Growth Podcasts.

This list is constantly changing but this is my current list>>>

1. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

2. Matt Keller Leadership Podcast

3. Perry Noble Leadership Podcast

4. Leadership Momentum Podcast

5. EntreLeadership Podcast

6. The Andy Stanely Leadership Podcast

7. Michael Hyatt “This Is Your Life” Podcast

8. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

9. Get-It-Done Guy

10. The School of Greatness (Lewis Howes)

What do you do to grow the GRACE GIFT God has given you?

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