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What I wish I Could Tell Every Leader? PART 1: Every Leader Has Doubts

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to leaders.
Most leaders are afraid to reach out for help. Others are afraid to reveal they don’t have it all figured out. Still others realize they have issues but afraid they are all alone and don’t want to loose the confidence of others by admitting their weaknesses.
That’s why I’ve decided to make this series, “What I Wish I Could Tell Every Leader”. There aren’t many people more lonely than leaders. It shouldn’t be the case but it is. So, for all the leaders who are out there trying to make a difference in the lives of others while at the same time deal with your glaring humanity, this is for you.


Scripture: Exodus 1:15

Moses was an awesome leader. His resume is simply unrivaled.
I mean come on. The guy spent so much time in the very presence of God he had to put a balaclava on so people could even look at him. You know you’re a special slice of awesome when no one can look at you cause it’s like looking at a flashlight every time you pray. Even to this day, Moses is thought of as the greatest leader in Israel’s history outside of David.

Even with all this awesome surrounding him, Moses still had doubts. If you look through his story he doubted in three main areas:

1. Moses doubted Himself.

Moses put together a strong case as to why God should use someone else to be the mouthpiece of freedom for the Israelite nation. Maybe you have felt you weren’t up to the task before. You don’t have the skills someone else does. You don’t have the background. You don’t have the education. You don’t have the resources. If you’ve ever felt that way, you’re not alone.

2. Moses doubted God.

Moses became so angry with the people at one point, he disobeyed God. The first time he needed to find water, God asked him to strike a rock and it worked. The second time he needed water, God asked him to speak to the rock. That takes a little extra faith. “What, you don’t want me to touch it?” So, instead of trusting God to do a new thing, he went with what he worked before. Have you ever felt like God has it all wrong? Maybe you’ve said, “I can’t do this. It’s never been done that way.” or “I think it would be safer to do it this way.”
Then you feel guilty because you haven’t had complete trust in God. If so, you’re in good company.

3. Moses doubted His mission.

In Exodus 5, Moses actually complains to God about what he’s been asked to do. He’s basically telling God it’s not working. “You sent me to Egypt. I came. You told me what to say. I did. Now, not only did Pharaoh NOT let Israel go BUT he’s made life worse for them.”

Have you ever thought, “I’m doing the best I can. I made the commitment to do something for God. Now, not only is it not working but my life is worse because of it. I don’t need this. Life was better without all this.”?

If you have ever said that. You are among the greats.

There’s nothing wrong with doubting from time to time. God isn’t offended by us asking, why. The main thing to remember is you’re not alone. Don’t give up.

What to do about it?

So now that we admit we have all had those doubts before, what now? How can we move forward?

Give yourself a break.

Most leaders take themselves way too seriously. Great leaders are not made overnight. Great leaders are made over a lifetime. So take your current situation in stride. It’s almost never as bad as it looks or seems.

Stay committed to the process of developing your gifts.

Do you have a clearly defined process for developing yourself as a leader? Do you have a way to measure it?
If so, be patient and don’t be too quick to think something’s not working. Think crock-pot not microwave. If you don’t have a clear way to measure your progress, why not start that? You’re probably moving further faster than you realize.

Just be you and quit comparing.

Doubting your effectiveness. You aren’t called to be everything to all people at all times. You are called to make a difference with the gifts you’ve been given. If you try to measure yourself to others you will always be lacking because it’s an improper measuring stick. We don’t need another George Washington. He was awesome but he did his job. We need you to be you.

ENDING: So if you are a leader and you’ve ever had doubts, you are in the company of the greats. The main thing to never forget is feelings change like the wind. Leaders aren’t made over night. Leaders are made over a lifetime. Doubt let doubt stop you from moving forward.

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