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What I wish I Could Tell Every Leader? PART 2: Every Leader Deals With Insecurity

A word that all leaders know but act like effects everyone but them is.. Insecurity.
However every leader I know has dealt with insecurity at some point.

Leaders wonder

  • whether our upcoming decision is the right one.
  • whether the decision we just made was the right one.
  • if we’re strong enough for the job.
  • if we’re pleasing the right people.
  • whether we’re being successful.
  • whether we’re the right person for the job.

Leaders say

  • It’s too tough
  • I’m too busy
  • People aren’t responding
  • I still have so much in my life I need to work on
  • I don’t know enough
  • I haven’t experienced enough
  • I’m in over my head
  • There are better leaders out there
  • I’m not the best leader available
  • Do you know my past?

If all leaders, at some level, struggle with insecurity, then all leaders need to hear these words spoken to them:

You can do this. I believe in you.


Moses told Joshua that he believed in him. He believed that Joshua was the man for the job. He believed that Joshua had what it took to get the job done. Not on his own, of course…”it is the Lord who goes before you.” (Deuteronomy 31:8) In fact, this was so important that Moses affirmed Joshua “in the presence of all Israel.” Joshua needed this encouragement and affirmation.

One of the key verses that I’ve had to rely on during my most insecure moments is Philippians 1:6, that IF HE BROUGHT ME TO IT THEN HE WILL LEAD ME THROUGH IT!!!  Insecure moments should not cause us to feel less secure about who we are but rather more secure in who God is!!!  If He is with us (Isaiah 41:10) then we should lead and live like it.


1. Realize if you ever deal with feelings of insecurity you have are just as normal as the rest of us. Actually feeling insecure about your decisions means you are taking them seriously.

2. Read verses like Philippians 1:6 and Romans 8:28 in the morning before beginning your work. It will help you realize that God has ability to use our imperfections for His glory.

3. Encourage another leader around you. Everyone needs to hear “I believe in you” from someone they respect. Pay it forward.

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