Going Deeper. Holy Spirit- Week 1

As we begin an amazing journey into the third part of the Trinity, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There is so much information out there and, to be honest, not all of it is edifying. The danger is to get paralysis by analysis. It is important to have a good understanding of God (as best we can understand the infinite) while also realizing that God does not just want us to have a head knowledge of Him. He wants to experience a life-giving relationship with Him every day. Below are a few resources to help you dig a little deeper depending on what you are interested in. Learning more about God is not as simple as a google search. It is an adventure. Put in the time and dive into the depths. You will not regret it.

Who is He?
The Holy Spirit is called the “ruach” in the Old Testament and the “pnuema” in the New Testament. This means “wind, violent exhalation, spirit.” He is God and Equal to the Father and Son. For more about how the Divine relationship works between the Triune Godhead, see the link below.

What is His role?
The Holy Spirit is our Guide, our Counselor, our Defender, our Friend.

Why should I care?
Jesus said it was actually better for Him to ascend back to Heaven. Really? Why? Because, while Jesus was on the Earth, He was in a physical body. His Divinity was/is ‘housed’ in a mortal body. However, the Holy Spirit is not. He is able to dwell within us all. That means you do not ever have to take a single breath without the Holy Spirit being close. He’s the Friend that never goes away.

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