Joe Rogan Is A Self-Proclaimed Idiot… What Did You Expect?

Do you know who Joe Rogan is? He is probably the most successful podcaster in history. His episodes get millions of listeners per month. Because of his massive platform, he has the opportunity to talk to various people on various topics. He’s had everything from celebrities to presidential candidates on his show. Because Joe realizes how massive his platform is and how many people respect his opinion, he will often reminds everyone that, “I’m an idiot and doesn’t know what I’m talking about.” (these are his words)

Joe constantly says his opinions are not necessarily right. However, they are his and he’s allowed to have them. This is absolutely true. The problem is Joe is also aggressive and well-spoken. His other job is that of a comedian. Say what you want to about comedians, they are master communicators. Therefore, when someone like Joe (who talks for a living) takes a stance on something, they can come off as compelling.

In the below video, Joe goes on a rant about Christianity and how wrong and possibly dangerous it is. He says we have moved passed believing in Satan and will eventually be embarrassed for believing in God entirely. This hilarious to me because this has been said in every generation. Every generation has its atheists who say that they are living in the last generation of “God-believers.” However, they die and are largely forgotten while God continues to prove Himself real and active in our world.

When you listen to what Joe says, a Christian can easily become intimidated because he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. However, the clip I gave is one that has a pastor named Doug Wilson replying “off the cuff” to Joe’s diatribe. Most of what Joe says is NOT true. Even a simple google search can disprove his statements and affirm Joe really is an idiot when it comes to history and Christianity. Doug proves this by just commenting without any time to prep.

Here’s the point of this video. Every Cristian needs to watch this because Joe is a powerful voice in our culture right now. Most people do not fact-check Joe’s opinions even though he constantly says he’s an idiot and his opinions are not necessarily right. The things Joe says are easily challenged but we have to know what we believe.

My favorite part is where Doug says that it doesn’t matter how well we develop the ability to explain how our world works, we’ll never be able to explain why it works. That comes from God alone.

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