The Reason We Are Getting Nowhere!


This video contains profanity, disrespect and a host of other things most people who read this blog will find frustrating and offensive. Me too. However, these type of videos for those who are only sitting comfortably in their echo chambers. This is why we are getting nowhere in our current culture and, as Christ-followers, find our own way forward. Watch as these people are not talking too at each other but only AT each other.

Here’s my opinions about each-
Gothix- Channel host- she seems the most level headed and wanted to give Aaron and Sam every opportunity to see the biggest problem with their support of CRT. She is trying to help them see that their own personal echo chamber of academia is limiting their ability to see what it’s really doing in the world. It’s like one leadership expert says, “No one cares what you have written on the wall (vision statement). They want to know what’s going on down the hall (implementation).

Christian Watson- Well-spoken and mostly respectful. You can tell he gets more and more frustrated as time goes on and I don’t blame him. I would actually like to see an official debate with him and someone else.

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko- really don’t know how else to say it… provocateur and troll. She was trying to create heat and anger. Her statement of “how dare you interrupt a woman” almost had me stop watching a few times. The answer is, “yes.” We interrupt anyone who’s being disrespectful. Really, really hoping she was being sarcastic with most of her interjections. Honestly, her ability to get away with most of what she is saying proves how messed up this whole thing is. Who cares your race or gender. Mutual respect should be universal.

Aaron and Sam- Poor guys have no idea how blind they are. I see two guys who cannot get out of their own way. They are so blinding by their own intelligence and perceived intellectual high ground that they cannot even fathom being wrong or in need of re-examining points of contention. I usually feel like most proponents of CRT are hamstrung by their own desire to help others. These two guys seem to be more interested in looking down at everyone else. They prove this by constantly interrupting, constantly trying to explain the “black person’s plight” to two black people (think about that for a second), and consistently using debate tactics to side-step important questions.

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT! This is why we cannot look to culture for our answers. Only Jesus is the answer.

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